Pim Fortuyn: character assassination

Cosa sai di Pim Fortuyn? Sai quello che ti hanno detto le televisioni: cioè poco di vero, niente di certo. Ma dall’Olanda il blog di Adam Curry ti racconta la vera storia di quest’uomo.

Pim Fortuyn

Curry chiude con delle riflessioni molto amare su cosa vuol dire essere nel mirino dei media:

“I’ve been in the public eye for more than 18 years, in Europe and the US. I’ve enjoyed fame and recognition, which comes at a price.

That price isn’t privacy, as many would have you believe, the price is the cost of the truth.

I’ve been interviewed hundreds of times. By broadcasters, publications, newspapers, magazines, school papers. You name it, they’s interviewed me.

Not once, ever, has the result been factually correct.

And that’s the battle, you feel so violated and wronged when someone or something of authority states an untruth about you. It takes tremendous amount of effort to correct or re-direct the flow of the press.”

Anche Andrew Long ne parla nel suo blog, e ti spiega come la stampa uccide una figura pubblica:

“…and that, folks, is how character assassination works. No, you don’t have to lie (although you can get away with it). You don’t have to be one-sided (even though that’s the norm these days anyway). You can even tell the truth somewhere in the story, like this article did. The result, whether intentional (most likely) or not (highly doubtful, as the intelligent journalists working for the “paper of record” are undoubtedly the most highly coveted in their field), is an insidious form of sludge-slinging that works to exterminate the voices of those who dare to disagree with established opinion.”

Tu vienimi a raccontare dell’etica del giornalista…