Senza vergogna

Istruttiva lettura dei blog di destra sul caso Sgrena:

Michelle Malkin:
“turns out the car was speeding toward a checkpoint, and, as Greg notes, we all know how the military loves that”

The Jawa Report:
“The troops then shot the car’s engine block, not the passengers. The car spun out of control. It was the car accident which killed one occupant and wounded Sgrena. UPDATE: Apprently Sgena did suffer a shrapenal wound, but this is consistent with the soldier’s version of the story that the engine block was shot which would cause metal debris.”

Little Green Footballs:
“The cause du jour of the left is anti-American communist (that?s not a judgment call; she works for an anti-American, communist newspaper) Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena, who is now apparently going to claim that US troops fired on her speeding vehicle for no reason other than malicious bloodlust”